reserved is currently a digital platform for all artists to review their own work, allowing an opportunity for introspection,
a chance to be self reflective on their project “post production” and retrospectively respond to the work.

this could manifest as a piece of writing. another form, in addition to writing, would be the “inter-review”... an opportunity to speak freely with questions to be developed by the artist.

as the nations leading publications historically and continuously move away from considering the personal accounts involved in art making when sharing
critiques, there leaves a lacuna of information and humanity yet to be discussed with any given work or body of work. instead of having two separate accounts, ie. interview vs. review, the existence of a platform where the artist interacts with themselves in thought to create a more rounded response to work is necessary. this could allow for audiences that would normally partake in these more established publications to experience a voice that is far less removed from the source.

if the artist decides to be critical, they do so with consent. when the artist decides to make a review there is already a mutual understanding that these pieces are shared to be read and discussed.

(under construction)

*now accepting submissions to be reviewed on a rolling basis

- niv Acosta