photo by Dajana Lothert

Making art saved my life.

Everything I produce is centered around my experiences as a Trans-gender-non-conforming queer Black young and poor person born into a single migrant parent home raised in several ghetto’s of NYC. I have found the questions and challenges I face to be, in essence, universal and therefore largely accessible to plethora audiences. Questions around social constructs such as gender and race are a part of the human experience and affect all people. From my audiences,
I seek to evoke empathy and compassion for the life on this planet

I hope my work will make visible the experiences of a historically subversive and deliberately oppressed community of queer, transgender, and/or people-of-color creators. I seek to set a precedent for people who align themselves with these identities to feel they can inhabit spaces where they are often marginalized. I believe in our ability to gather and that our bodies are sites for deep transformation.  Possibilities for transcending our colonial inheritance and making room for the future within ourselves. My version of futurism includes laying foundations for healing societal conceits, being critical of oppressive propaganda and embracing evolved paradigms of inclusivity.

In the presentation of a work, I work to highlight both the rigor and softness to exist as the people we are. I strive to invite an experience that will generate mindfulness for those who witness, no matter their walk of life.

Researching intersections of race and performance is a unifying thread throughout my body of work. Projects I have directed strive to create a platform accessible to audiences of diverse paths of life while maintaining central focus on Black Pleasure. I like to use the term ‘Impossible Bodies’ which describes the lived experiences of myself and fellow collborators. My use of the term ‘Impossible’ is to highlight contradiction and in turn embrace abjection. Blackness remains subaltern, sub-human and dangerous within a settler colonial white supremacist hegemony. There’s nothing more Impossible than that.